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L.L. Bean (up to 4% Rebate)Free Shipping to the US and Canada Everyday: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
La Quinta (up to $4 Rebate)Best Rate Guarantee on Book now for rates from $59! Free Breakfast, Free High speed Internet & Comfy beds!: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Lacoste (up to 4% Rebate)Free Shipping & Returns at the LACOSTE Official Store thru 12/31/2019: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Lands' End (up to 4% Rebate)Look your best this holiday season in Lands’ End. Shop our Look Book for great outfit ideas no matter the occasion: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Lands’ End Iron Knee® Pants for kids is a Good Housekeeping 2013 VIP Award Winner for ingenious breakthroughs in solving everyday problems. We make Mom’s job easier, one product at a time: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
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Lands' End Business (up to 8% Rebate)Lands' End Business - Save up to 70% on these Sale & closeout items: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Lands' End Business Outfitters is your source for promotional products and business gifts: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Lane Bryant (up to 5% Rebate)Always Free Ship to Store thru 12/31/2016: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Last Minute Travel (up to 4% Rebate)Join the Last Minute Travel Club - Free Membership thru 6/3/2020: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Use Our $30 Coupon to Book your Romantic Valentin's Day Hotel thru 2/5/2020: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
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Laura Mercier (up to 12% Rebate)Enjoy Free Ground Shipping and select Two Samples with any Purchase from Body, Bath & Fragrance thru 12/31/2016: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Enjoy Free Ground Shipping and Select Two Samples with any Purchase: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
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LeftLane Sports (up to 12% Rebate)Vasque Trail Running & Hiking Footwear - Save Up To 55%: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
LEGO (up to 3% Rebate)Save up to 30%. See what LEGO is on sale!: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
Shop Exclusive LEGO sets only available at!: Use this coupon (plus rebate)
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